Embrace Fluidity | Digital Print

Embrace Fluidity | Digital Print


There is a technique in watercolor painting where you paint a shape, like a circle, with just plain water and then drop in color with your brush. Its called a wet on wet technique. It is mesmerizing to watch the color stretch out and envelop the entire circle. When you draw your next circle, if the two overlap, the color from the first shape will then begin to stream into the second shape. There is such beautiful fluidity that is created through this process.

In art, as in life, oftentimes we carefully try to shape our lives. We attempt to create perfectly curated and controlled environments. We like the predictability and order. Then out of nowhere it seems, something rubs against us and starts to ruin our perfectly protected bubble. We can really struggle with this. I have really struggled with this.

Over time I have learned how to find the beauty that is added when I experience bumps and uncontrolled circumstances. I have practiced letting go and embracing the process rather than feeling anger that I was derailed from my path to perfection.

I now choose to see the bumps as adding more beauty and diversity to my life. There is so much more beauty outside of the perfect circles that I was trying to create, so much imperfect blending of shape and color. If we let it, this can create the most fluid masterpiece.

Let go. Embrace the process.

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