Interconnected | Digital Print

Interconnected | Digital Print


There is a material in art called masking fluid. It is a clear glue like substance that you paint on the paper. I began this piece by painting the white markings in the masking fluid. When that was dry, I painted over the whole piece in watercolor paint. I covered over all of the white so dark that you really couldn’t see the white markings at all. When the watercolor dried I begin rubbing away at the glue to pull it up, leaving behind the crisp white paper underneath.

Just like this art piece, I believe that all humans were all created with a bright white lite at our core. That is our inherent worthiness. It is our birthright. It cannot be dulled or marred. We are all worthy of love, belonging and connection. We are enough. However, life begins to happens to us… disappointment, pain, hurt, loss, heartache, abandonment… it colors us and paints over our bright light.

I believe that the human experience is a journey of clearing away that discoloring over our bright light. When we do it leaves an imprint so stunning on the color around it. Claiming your worthiness creates beauty out of the darkness.

Where ever you are on your path. I see you. I hear you. You are not alone. You are worthy. You are enough.

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