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Fauxligraphy Expert | Warrior of Women’s Worthiness

Hello! My name is Jill

I live just outside of Philadelphia, PA, with my husband and two children, ages five and two. I started making visual art at 35 after the birth of my first child. Choosing to stay home full time was a hard transition. I found myself feeling lost. I no longer had a job title or professional responsibilities and was left feeling unimpressive. It seemed like no matter what I did, it was never enough. I became easily frustrated with trying new things and everywhere I turned someone seemed to be doing something better. It was very discouraging.

Insert all things Brené Brown, incredible therapists, Tapping, energy work, meditation, prayer and an abundance of essential oils and I experienced a radical shift.


I ditched the guilt and adopted the mantra #iamenough and began making art, daring greatly and documenting my journey on Instagram. Fast forward five years and I am building a business creating and selling art focused on modern hand lettering, abstract, floral, watercolor, and acrylic pieces that inspire and motivate. I am also teaching workshops, private lessons and coaching others through the creative process.

My purpose is to help you discover your inherent worthiness. I use the creative process to teach you how to give yourself PERMISSION, gain mastery of your mindset and live a more creative and wholehearted life.